P.W.O.R.A. Board members

Ted Cabral, President

[email protected]

Ted Cabral, a former three-term commissioner for the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of California State Parks, has a long track record of collaboration with the government agencies that manage OHV recreation on public lands in California. “I am looking forward to building on the incredible foundation that Don and the PWORA board of directors have built,” Cabral stated. “My vision is to build our alliance by developing deep ties with local clubs and volunteer organizations. Those organizations could leverage our relationship to streamline their volunteer efforts by taking advantage of PWORA’s MPA to better support the Forest Service and other agencies during recovery operations.”

Don Amador, Founder

Don Amador has been in the trail advocacy and recreation management profession for almost 30 years. Don is the President and Owner of Quiet Warrior Racing, a recreation and land-use consulting company. Don served as a contractor, and federal land policy lead to the BlueRibbon Coalition from 1996 until June 2018. Don served as a commissioner on the California Department of Parks and Recreation Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission from 1994-2000.

Don has served on many recreation stakeholder groups and resource advisory committees, including the USDA Region 5 Recreation Resource Advisory Committee from 2009-2014. In 2013, Don helped co-found FireScape Mendocino, a forest-health collaborative formed as a member of the Nature Conservancy’s Fire Learning Network, where he currently serves as Core-Team Lead. Don also serves on the Northern Regional Prioritization Group, part of the California Forest Management Taskforce. In 2019, Don was appointed to serve on the BLM’s Central California Resource Advisory Committee.

Don was raised on the north coast of California, where he enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and exploring backcountry areas on his off-road motorcycle or four-wheel drive.

Don has a BA from St. Mary’s College of California and belongs to the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals.

Del Albright, Secretary/Plans Chief

Del Albright is an internationally published author and photojournalist in dozens of magazines and over 600 websites, with a specialty in leadership training based on 35+ years of experience in both government service and the military as a supervisor/manager and strategic planner. Del led numerous leadership and strategic planning exercises for the State of California, Department of Forestry (now Cal-FIRE), spanning a 26-year career, finishing up as a Unit Chief for the Tuolumne/Calaveras Ranger Unit (wildland fire), supervising and leading thousands of volunteers and firefighters.

Using the fire service experience, Del wrote and developed the Recreational Incident Command System (RICS) to enhance and standardize volunteer trail projects and work efforts, ensuring stronger volunteer leadership throughout the nation, based on the fire service Incident Command System. RICS launched the Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) to become a world-renown volunteer effort to save this icon trail of four-wheeling, the Rubicon Trail in 2001.

In 2011, Del and his wife Stacie wrote the first (and only still) land use book, “Shortcuts to Landuse and Volunteerism” (more here: http://www.delalbright.com/book_order.html). Over 2500 copies of the book have been distributed worldwide. Del is an Infantry combat veteran from the Vietnam War who was awarded four Bronze Stars, two Air Medals, and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. He was a paratrooper and frogman. Del left the Army as a Major, Infantry, Airborne, Ranger, and Green Beret (Special Forces). Del Albright holds a B.S. in Forestry (Humboldt State University) and a Master’s in Environmental Planning (Cal State University, Sacramento). He holds a Life Membership in the Calif. 4Wheel Drive Association; and numerous club and organizational memberships. In 2014 Del was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame for his leadership and training advocacy.

art Crofts

Art Crofts is well known in the worlds of racing, King of the Hammers (KOH), motorcycles, and causes helping veterans. He is an all-around outdoorsman and motorized recreation fan. Art and his family work, wrench, and play together. He’s also known for enjoying (and sharing) fresh oysters from the northern California coast. Art has been a business owner for over 40 years; he’s a San Francisco State University graduate; has served in Novato, CA rotary with 34 years on the Board, and is Director for various committees; Art has been an active member and rider in the Marin County Motorcycle Association for 30 years, serving on the Board and various committees. He’s part of AMA District 36 and has competed in cross country, enduro, poker runs, VC, and various dual sport events. Involved with W.E. ROCK, CalRocks, Dirt track, Baha races, Ultra4 racing, and other off-road events. Art is a Director of Wheelers For The Wounded of California (WFTW).

Eric Lueder

Eric Lueder has an extensive background in land conservation and OHV recreation, working for over 25 years as the Chief of Real Estate at the County of Marin. Eric has served since 1993 as the government relations officer for the Marin County Motorcycle Association, with over 450 members, and operates a private off-road motorcycle facility on leased property in western Marin County. He served 2 terms (2008-2012 and 2014-2018) on the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission and 1 term (2010-2013) on the Bureau of Land Management Northwest California Resource Advisory Council.

Eric grew up in the small western Sonoma County town of Occidental and found his passion for single-track motorcycle recreation as a youngster. He won his first race at Sand Hill Motorcycle Park in Brentwood, CA, at the 1980 Christmas MX Marathon. The race bug caught him, but racing would have to wait until later in life. Eric now competes in the AMA District 36 Enduro series in the A 50+ class.

Eric earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business from Sonoma State University in 1990 and holds the Senior Right of Way Agent professional designation from the International Right of Way Association. Eric and his wife, Debbi reside in Novato, CA.

Cam Lockwood

Cam graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a BA in Recreation Management and Administration. In 1976 he graduated from CSU Chico with a master’s degree in Recreation Planning and Design. He has worked for the past 42 years in several Federal Agencies, including the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Heritage Conservation Recreation Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and for the past thirty years for the U.S. Forest Service. Cam has always worked in the field of recreation, first as an Outdoor Recreation Planner, Field Ranger, and trail crew leader, all the way to the State Outdoor Recreation Planner for the BLM in California. Cam retired as the Executive Officer for the National Enterprise Teaman internal business within the Forest Service. In Cam’s 42 years, he has concentrated his efforts on planning, layout & design, construction, maintenance, and managing a full spectrum of trail systems. During his time with the BLM and Forest Service, he has concentrated on developing designs and techniques that are in concert with resource protection and sustainable recreational values for trails.

Cam has the distinction of being the actual person who completed the last 7½ mile stretch of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) and drove the “Golden Spike” at the completion ceremony. He has also received many accolades from the trails community for developing new techniques and equipment for trails. During his tenure with the BLM, Cam received awards for “Trail Manager of the Year” and was placed on the National OHV trails coordination group. During the 25th anniversary of the California Department of Parks and Recreation, the OHMVR Division, Cam was awarded the OHV Trail Manager of the year. Cam is one of the original US Forest Service “OHV Core Group” members that identified the OHV managers’ concerns nationally.

During his 25 years with the Forest Service, Cam has had the designation of “Master Performer” for both non-motorized and motorized trails. Has spent over 20 years working wildfire as a fire suppression rehab team leader and dozer strike team leader. Most recently, he has been active with the federal leadership for the “National Trails Training Partnership” and an instructor for the National Trails Training Core Group. Cam has published several documents on trail management, such as the “Trails 2000, ATV training, Modular Retaining Walls, Revised the AMA’s Joe Wernix OHV Planning, Layout, and Design, Mechanized Trail Equipment Catalog, Mechanized Trail Construction Equipment Video and Trail Grading and Grooming Equipment.

Matson Breakey, Industry Representative

Matson Breakey serves PWORA as Industry Representative. Matson’s 30-year career has covered everything from graphics design, marketing festivals, conducting trade shows, web design, business development, and more.

Currently co-founder and VP of Sales & Business Development of MetalCloak, and co-founder and publisher at ModernJeeper, as well as ModernJeeper Adventures. He is a staunch supporter of landuse efforts and organized recreation, especially when volunteer efforts will help keep the sport alive and our trails open. Matson is an avid Jeeper and family man.

Kent Reynolds

Currently working for Overland Bound as their Executive Director. One of my main responsibilities is to oversee our Trail Guardian program conducting numerous projects for the National Park Service and the Forest Service each year.

Off-roading, 4 wheeling, Camping, and Overlanding for over 50+ years.

Retired Fire Chief for the Gold Ridge Fire District in Sonoma County.

Worked for the USFS for several seasons after retirement in OR, on a needed basis for large fire management.

General Building contractor for 30 years on my days off from the fire service.

Live in the town of El Dorado, El Dorado County with my wife Lucy and 3 dogs.

Started the Sierra Foothills Overlanders in 2017, the group has adopted the Long Canyon Trail in the El Dorado NF. The trail was closed after the Caldoor fire in 2021 and Overland Bound used its Trail Guardian program to work on the trail and get it back open for OHV use.

Tony Pellegrino

Tony Pellegrino is the Founder & President of GenRight Off Road in Simi Valley, CA.

GenRight is a 100% American-made aftermarket Jeep parts manufacturer and distributor.

Tony has been an off-road enthusiast since age 5, a competitive King of the Hammers / Ultra4 racer since 2010, and an Industry mogul since 2004.

He has traveled to Sacramento several times to support land use and keeping our trails open. He is also a member of CORVA, Cal4Wheel, Blue Ribbon, and the AMA. He is also very active in the off-road community.


Jane Arteaga

USFS (ret.), OHV Enthusiast.